Asia Week

Asia Week

Date:                                March 12-19, 2020

Admission:                         Free

During nine days between March 12th and 19th 2020, the annual event with the participation of 44 art specialists, five auction houses and 17 museums is performed.

Our Advice:

You will see pieces of art from India, the Himalayas, China, Korea, Japan and Southeast Asia.

The Week Asia celebration is filled with an uninterrupted schedule, galleries, art auctions, numerous exhibitions in museums where the doors are open and free to the public, where disclosed rare and fine Asian specimens of porcelain, jewelry, textiles , paintings, ceramics, sculptures, bronzes, prints, photographs and jades, representing art, ingenuity and imagination of each period of Asia.

On this website:  you can surf in an uninterrupted schedule for more than 40 exhibitions gallery.