Half Marathon NYC

Half Marathon NYC

Date:                      Sunday, March 15, 2020

Time:                     From 8 : 10 a.m.

Admission:             Registration fee

In New York City it is held every year a track meet where participants measure their strength for the official marathon that takes place in November in the same city. MIDDLE KILLED, is exciting for the number of participants, about 15,000 crosses the finish line in the early years was performed at different times, but it was made official in the month of March. Half Marathon takes place in the Central Park- a complete circuit including museums, monuments, and the hills of Harlem through Midtown, including Times Square and 42nd Street, until the financial district, ending near South Street Seaport.

The first 11 kilometers are difficult because of the topography of rising, falling and constant changes of pace, people at all times supports them with cheers and posters participants, who are all over the world for fame that gives participate at.

Our advice:

Dare to compete, there is a prize pool totaling $ 100,000 to be distributed among the first 12 men and the first 8 women to reach the goal. This offered by the company sponsoring the event.

The goal, organizers offers food and beverages corridors necessary for good hydration including up smoothies.   

The route is approximately 13 miles, within 3 hours and if the participant is unable to keep pace, is collected and transported to the end.