Dumbo Park

334 Furman St, New York, NY
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Clark Street

Dumbo Park

DUMBO is a neighborhood in Brooklyn; its name comes from the union of the words Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass. The area has two sections; one located between Manhattan and Brooklyn bridges, which connects Brooklyn to Manhattan across the East River, and one that continues east from the Manhattan Bridge to the Vinegar Hill area, this can be reached after crossing the Brooklyn bridge, an area that originally was home of artists and designers, that took advantage of the wide open spaces in the buildings to suit with large lofts, this is a sector with a great view of the East River, with quiet streets that attracts tourists, the park with tables next to the river, where you can enjoy different perspectives of New York buildings; During the summer the park offers a large selection of movies that can be enjoyed under the stars, with spectacular views of Lower Manhattan, naturally this park, located between the two bridges, has been used as a location in numerous films, it is ideal for taking pictures of Manhattan  from below the imposing structure of the Brooklyn Bridge.


Our advice:

If you come to New York in late September, you can’t miss the Art Under the Bridge Festival, organized by the Dumbo Arts Center, where emerging artists interact with the audience in public spaces. If your visit doesn't coincide with this festival, do not worry, there is a guided tour of Dumbo art specialists, where you will learn about the galleries and art movements of the area.

DUMBO offers an eclectic and enticing dining scene, such as Pete's Downtown Restaurant and Grimaldi's Pizzeria, as well as specialty shops such as Jacques Torres Chocolate. In addition to food there are many more "American" options, as the exquisite  Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory (corner of Old Fulton Water Street), or Bubby's pancakes and pies, worshiped by the neighbors (corner of Main with Plymouth Street). In any case you must visit it in any season, especially in the evening with the Manhattan lights heating up.

And if you need an internet connection, remember that there is free Wi-Fi at New York parks, just make a small entry in their databases.