La Aurora Dominican Restaurant
239-17 Braddock Ave Jamaica, NY 11426
(718) 347-4271 (718) 347-1749

La Aurora

Opening Hours 

Mon to Sun

8:00 am to 10:00 pm

La Aurora brings you the essence of what it feels to taste homemade. Eating with us is an amazing experience because our food tastes as if someone's grandma prepared it. We welcome you to join us as we stand behind every dish that our cooks artistically prepare. La Aurora is a unique dining experience where you will find a fusion of different dishes from Latin countries, and we know you will not be disappointed. Using the freshest ingredients we offer a diverse menu reflecting our rich cultural traditions for an all round latin experience. Come and enjoy our delicious Carnes a la Parrilla ( grilled meats) , Rices, BBQ Meats, Sancochos, Succulent Seafood and many more.