Belvedere Castle / Central Park
New York, NY 10019
86th Street

Belvedere Castle / Central Park

Belvedere Castle / Central Park 

Date:            November to March is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays.

Schedule:     From 10:00am to 5:00p.m.

The Belvedere Castle provides the highest and best views of the Park and the adjacent cityscape. The castle's name is fitting, because it translates to "beautiful view" in Italian. It is located on Lake Great Lawn and Turtle Pond, an oval lawn, This the highest point in Central Park; with two balconies tha provides wonderful views over some of the most famous places in the park,

visitors can see inside the castle a vast collection of natural history objects, This caslte is a perfect place for birdwatchers, you can also visit under the castle Pond turtle, Turtle pond with ducks, fish and turtles

The Castle also hosts the official weather station of the Park,  it has telescopes and microscopes. offers family activities and community programs such as bird watching, stargazing, astronomy lectures, story tale hours about princess castle and the Belvedere’s ghost during  Halloween.

Our advice:

Next time you heard the temperature in Central Park you will now that this information come from the Castle.

Entrance to the Castle is FREE, however you are welcome to make a small donation.

It’s a perfect place to take pictures, this is a sample or what you can get from this view.