Astor Place
Astor Pl New York, NY 10003
Eighth Street – New York University
Astor Place
Broadway – Lafayette Street

Astor Place

From Germany and with no money arrives in the nineteenth century a man who spends from poverty to extreme wealth because it is coming to be the name more rich of the United States, John Jacob Astor, who marketed the beaver fur, therefore it is not surprising that the emblems of the decoration of the Metro station Astor Place are the beavers. The station is quite clean as rule of the New York subway. The street was named in honor of Astor, who died in 1848 and was a great philanthropist, the New York Public Library owes much of its existence to this benefactor that after more than 100 years has not been withdrawn the support to this philanthropic activity. Astor Place ends in the Third Avenue, so continue down St. Marks Place, a large block pursued by the punk rockers in the 1980s, the music and the book of the shops in the 1990s, and now especially an outdoor market selling many of the same trinkets available in Chinatown. St Marks Place is more or less a block, with many bars and places to eat along it. Some of the most famous places to eat in St. Marks Place includes Dojo, Grand Sichuan, Khyber Pass, the Palapa, and Yaffa Cafe. Near Second Avenue and continue walking toward east to enjoy some of the best offers of the East Village that is directed to the Avenue, where St. Marks Place ends in Tompkins Square Park.